Dutch Hair Braids Adelaide

Dutch Hair Braids Adelaide

Dutch Hair Braids Care Tips

Dutch Hair Braids is taking the world by storm (especially here in Adelaide!), and for good reason. We LOVE doing this style of braid on your kids. While it’s hard to maintain any sort of nice hair style with young children (who are constantly running/jumping/tumbling around etc), there are a few things you can do to help those beautiful Dutch Braids last.

1 – Have your kiddie sleep on a silk or satin pillow case. We’re not talking about those $100-per-pillow-case silk ones (because who has that kind of money?!) – there are lots of cheap options for softer pillow cases for around the $20 mark. Yeah, it’s a little more than your average pillow case, but it does mean their hair grabs a little less easily and ‘glides’ while they sleep, meaning they wake up with their hair a little less ‘bed-head’ like. An actual genius idea for busy parent (i.e. all of us) who want to save time and not have to do hair in the morning school/work rush.

2 – Use a gentle gel/styling spray to keep flyaways at bay. Let’s be honest – kids are going to have flyaways no matter what (because that’s just a part of being a kid), but if they’re starting to bother you and look a little too untidy, a little spritz of a styling product will do wonders. We recommend checking ingredients before using products on children’s hair (no one wants toxic chemicals on their scalps and/or breathed in!).

3 – A lot of water play with reduce longevity of them. If you have swim lessons on Monday, have your little one’s Dutch Braids done on Tuesday (after it’s been freshly washed). If well maintained, Dutch Braids have the potential to last longer than you’d probably expect!

4 – Clean the hair just before your Dutch Braid appointment. That way, you won’t need to wash your child’s hair the day after having them done 😉

5 – Bribe your child to NOT touch them. Kidding (kind of).

Dutch Hair Braids in our Adelaide salon will be VERY popular these Christmas School Holidays, so be sure to book ahead to avoid missing out. We have some beautiful Christmas colours coming (which would be perfect for Christmas Day antics 😉).